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LAST LOG is a solo micro-game that is played in short sessions of about two to five minutes. You are the captain of the StarDust who records and transmits the last significant events that he experienced in his logbook, the LOGS.

Pace of play

You play LAST LOG at the pace you want but the relative time spent in the game is the same as in your real life. Once a day can be a good pace for example. In cases where the temporality is not obvious (black hole, cryopreservation ...), you are free to make the connection in time of play as you wish. This can be 1 second and you immediately record another LOG, or 1 week for example.

Start the journey

Record yourself (with your phone for example) and read the following introduction:


Captain's log [YOUR NAME]

[MONTH] [DAY] 12019

StarDust spaceship on the periphery of the black hole Gargantua

Crew: 10, Proxima b to 10 parsecs

Thanks to Lieutenant Caprica’s spacewalk, we recovered the cargo as requested by EXODUS.

But it’s been a week since we’ve been stuck in the Gargantua attraction without being able to do a space jump.

I don’t know if there is a link, but a strange epidemic has already affected three members of the crew who are currently in a coma in the infirmary.

The engineers on board informed me that by manually redirecting the flow of energy from some systems to the engines we could have enough power to leave the black hole attraction.

This is dangerous but I will try to take advantage of a restart cycle to complete the operation.


You have just made your first game session!

Download the game to get it full.


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